Sinta is the daughter of a buffalo herder on the tiny island of Kebo in 11th c. Nusantara. On Kebo, working in any of the buffalo trades is highly coveted and respected. Sinta is to inherit her father’s water buffalo farm, but she wants nothing to do with buffalo. She aspires to something “bigger and better” and is determined to leave Kebo one day, much to her father’s disappointment. She discovers a buffalo-shaped shrine with a Keris embedded in it. Sinta accidentally awakens the entity within the Keris: Bromin, sprit king of the buffalo. Bromin is to be the companion to the one who is worthy to wield the Keris of Kebo. They are said to be the guardian of the land, the buffalo, and the buffalo people. As Sinta was the first in 100 years to be able to unsheathe the Keris from the shrine, she is now charged with the protection of Kebo and all its buffalo. She is resistant, as this is the last thing she wants, but through different adventures, Bromin helps her understand why buffalo are so important to life on Kebo. Just as Sinta begins to grow comfortable with her new responsibilities and powers, they hear word of a Javanese prince and princess en route to Kebo, that threaten to take away the one thing that Keboans care about more than anything: their buffalo.

  • For Undergrad Project, 2020

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